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Not all window films are made the same

Here is a little-known fact: not all window films are made the same. This is due to the fact that window tints are generally manufactured with a specific set of attributes to cater to the needs of the customer.

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ThreeBond Looks' Ultra Glass coating NEO

Did you know that there is a new alternative to waxing your car that is cheaper in the long run? Tint-Shop World of Tints introduces ThreeBond Looks' Ultra Glass coating NEO that will keep your car looking like it just left the showroom. Formulated with polysilazane, the coating forms a slippery glass based hard coating that is dirt and heat resistant. Once applied, it is guaranteed to last for two years with conventional waxing not needed at all!!

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The current haze situation could worsen in the coming weeks

With reports stating that the current haze situation could worsen in the coming weeks, it's extremely important for us Malaysians to ensure our visibility is not affected when we are driving. And one effective way to do that is by installing window films with good film clarity and low reflectance rate.

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Happy Labour Day 2016

Looking for a way to save some extra cash?

Looking for a way to save some extra cash? Well why don’t you start utilising V-KOOL® automotive window tinting? This is because cars which do so are capable of increasing fuel efficiency by a jaw-dropping total of three percent!

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Solar Gard Armorcoat Automotive Safety Film

In the market for safety and security films for the windows of your vehicle? Check out why Solar Gard® Armorcoat® Automotive Safety and Security Films could be the perfect product for you: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X38Rqnd-BF8

With a whole range of top notch brands, such as V-KOOL®, Goldust, Solar Gard®, Armorcoat®, Nippon Tint, EzTint, Uni-Tint and Deco Tint, to choose from, Tint-Shop (M) Sdn Bhd is the one stop company for all your window tinting needs.

Sirim Berhad building in Shah Alam

The Sirim Berhad building in Shah Alam was designed with large portions of glass windows incorporated into its structure. Although it helped give the building a very distinguished look overall, their official cafeteria, which was also designed with a polycarbonate roofing, received minimal protection from the sun's scorching heat.

When regular air-conditioning proved to be inadequate, Sirim Berhad decided to go with V-KOOL®’s state of the art coating technology. With its crystal clear quality and excellent heat rejection capabilities, V-KOOL® coating was able to successfully keep out heat without compromising the building’s design.

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What the benefits of having security window film really are?

- Prevents collisions by reducing glare
- Protection from skin cancer causing UV rays
- Deterrent barrier against burglary and natural disasters
- Prevents glass from shattering into dangerous shards during an accident

Don't continue to miss out!

Most people wouldn't think twice about spending their hard earned money on a pair of designer sunglasses, however when it comes to window tinting it is often times a different story altogether.

This is simply because there is still a large number of people out there that are completely clueless about the extensive perks and benefits of installing window films, both for your home and your vehicle.

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EzTint window films!

EzTint window films are amongst the most durable and technologically advanced in the world. It comes with a patented super scratch resistant coating that will prolong the lifespan of any surface it protects.

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