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Tint-Shop (M) Sdn Bhd is a one stop professional window film company and Master Distributor for V-KOOL™ film. We are offering seven major brands of tinting films to cater to every automobile and commercial need. The seven major brands are V-KOOL™, Goldust, Solar Cool®, Nippon Tint, EzTint, Uni-Tint and Deco Tint.

Tint-Shop (M) Sdn Bhd was incorporated in the year of 2002. From the humble beginning, we now have opened 40 outlets all over the country including Sabah & Sarawak. All our Authorized Licensed Dealers are strictly selected from the best and strategic area throughout Malaysia. To ensure consistency of products, the Authorized Licensed Dealers are to be committed with strict rules in terms of quality installation and standard pricing. Refresher courses and practical training is provided from time to time to all licensed dealers and technicians to maintain and standardize the services and information. We are the best home, office and car tint in Malaysia.

The success of our nationwide outlet gives us the confidence to goes into the OEM market in Malaysia. For the record, V-KOOL™ film is the only film that enjoys world’s recognition by being incorporate with Original Equipment Manufactured (O.E.M). Our first OEM project is with Honda Malaysia followed by Suzuki Malaysia. Besides the OEM projects, we also work very closely with others car manufacturer e.g. Nissan, Toyota, Mercedes, BMW, Volvo, Hyundai, KIA, Proton, Perodua etc.

Proudly, all our O.E.M and R.E.M customers were satisfied with our service, installation and performance of our product. Currently, Tint-Shop (M) Sdn Bhd is well positioned to meet the demands of its many large customers, both in O.E.M and R.E.M market.



To provide superior window film solutions, professional installation and a vast variety of window film choices to our valued customers.



To be the benchmark for the tint solution industry through our expert installations, fine range of products and steadfast dedication to first-class service.


Tint-Shop (M) Sdn Bhd products and services adhere strictly to international quality standards.
ISO 9001:2000, Register of Standards (Holdings) Limited

V-KOOL™ was awarded the international Organization for standardization 9001:2000. It is recognition that V-KOOL™ has met the standards of quality service.

Consumer and Best Buy Award, 1994, Thailand Institute of Scientific and Technological Research

V-KOOL™ was awarded the "Consumer and Best Buy Award" in 1994 by the Thailand Institute of Scientific and Technological Research.

Top 100 Inventions of Millennium, 1999, Popular Science, USA

World Largest Science & Technoogy magazine, Popular Science, voted V-KOOL™ Technology as one of the top inventions of the millennium for its energy saving capability. Other top inventions voted alongside V-KOOL™ technology were the air conditioning, internet, plumbing system, refrigerator and the computer etc.


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